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  1.  The Commonwealth of Virginia gives a tax-credit for charity-care to doctors, dentists, and lawyers:  Why not 48 states, all 4 commonwealths, and the IRS?

2.  For details, Google “Donations of Professional Services Virginia”– shouldn’t everyone have a plan as good as the plan our Congress voted for itself?  Virginia’s governor is a pediatrician.  Write to Dr. Ralph Northam.  My wife and I served with him in the Army in Landstuhl, Germany during the First Gulf War.

3.  On a related topic, see the work of Republican Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, who cited a “not-for-profit” hospital in Missouri for suing indigent patients for the “not-for-profit” hospital’s costs covered by the tax-exemption!  Check hospitals in your area, check the ethics of any hospitals you are considering, including the “teaching hospitals” in your area, and speak to your patients and premedical students about these issues, because at the end of the day we are all patients.  Dr. Karen Summar is on Senator Grassley’s staff in Washington, D.C.  Call her.

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